Smartphones, smartwatches and tablets are always with us in every moment of our lives. With the wide range of wireless networks available we can always stay connected, whether it’s to work, play, inform, move, communicate, check, buy or even sell.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone technologies are also sevenApps technologies. Our developers will embrace them to convert innovative ideas into Apps that can be properly distributed and supported in the online market community.

If you are looking to join a very challenging team with the aim to improve your capabilities and develop your successful ideas, please contact sevenApps and we will be happy to evaluate your proposals.


An App can be a source of news, event, video, music, work or any other form of content. Some App functionalities require connection with servers and databases to extract, select and retrieve information straight to the users whenever and wherever they require it.

The Apps based on data networks need adequate technological investments for their development, constant updates and maintenance to make sure they are always useful in an evolving, hi-tech environment.

sevenApps is committed to find and provide all the necessary resources and competencies for the development and maintenance of Apps deemed to be useful for personal and professional use.

sevenApps selects and develops ideas as well as recruits skilled professionals specialized in new technologies for web and mobility services.


Good ideas are not enough to create successful Apps. Coordinated teams of creative people, software engineers and graphic designers are necessary to accomplish these projects and maintain them over time, constantly keeping in touch with the users to fix and improve their functionalities.

In order to make sure Apps can be used all over the world, we need a professional network dedicated to the development, marketing and support of their multilingual versions.

sevenApps selects ideas, developers, web designers and provides all the necessary resources for the development and marketing of successful Apps, including the funds to support and maintain their features.


Every moment, experience, event, message and piece of news can have an App that is readily available on our smartphone, smartwatch or tablet. Apps help us save the memory of our emotions and move us closer together with the people around us.

In order to create interesting Apps that people can use and share in the vast online community, we need to make sure they originate from a good idea and are produced by first-class developers and graphic designers. sevenApps wants to be an organized platform able to create an environment where App developers and their ideas can prosper and serve users all over the world, who choose their Apps for every moment and activity in their daily lives.

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sevenApps è collocata in una rete internazionale ed è in grado di garantire alle nuove idee di essere rapidamente conosciute, sperimentate ed utilizzate da tante persone che parlano lingue diverse …