sevenApps has the ambition to be an accelerator for young, talented tech enthusiasts who are able to create amazing and successful Apps from simple but innovative ideas.

Our focus is both on the idea and the developer, dedicating efforts to improve the developer’s skills and ability to generate new ideas that can provide a useful functionality for smartphones, smartwatches and/or tablets.

sevenApps’ goal is to help new talent become skilled professionals in the web and mobility services, involving them from the beginning of the development of innovative projects.

For this reason, sevenApps wants to select and include new, young developers that can show their creativity and their passion for the technology world, even if (and why not) they have already developed their own Apps and ideas.

The projects that sevenApps is looking for should include the following features:

- High attraction for consumer and/or business targets
- Fast development cycle and distribution
- Distinctiveness and originality
- Aimed at web or mobility services
- Able to create synergies or integrate existing services
- High profitability

The end users of our web and mobility services projects range from consumers to businesses in order to benefit from high volumes and wide distribution.